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Birthday: July 24th
YouTube:  Tanner Braungardt
Twitter:  @Braungardtanner
Instagram:  @tannerbraungardt
Facebook: Tanner Braungardt Page
SnapChat:  Tanner_B24

Bio:  Tanner is a Kansas born YouTube sensation that has exploded onto the scene over the past year.  He got his start doing crazy trampoline tricks / flips and evolved his channel into vlogging, comedy, challenges, etc.  There's very little that Tanner hasn't tried or wouldn't be willing to try.  He faces life head on with an over-whelming sense of adventure and a work ethic that is unmatched by most adults, let alone teenagers.  Tanner focuses every day on improving his channel and cherishing his relationships with his friends & family.  This family includes the millions of fans that support him daily which he takes very seriously and greatly appreciates.

Kim aka "Mom"

Birthday:  July 10th
Instagram: @kimbraungardt
Twitter: @Kimbraungardt
SnapChat: kimbraungardt

Bio:  Obviously the mother of Tristan, Tanner & Taylor Braungardt.  Kim grew up very poor on a farm in South Central Kansas.  The hard work she witnessed from her parents and struggles that they went through inspired her to work and prosper as an adult.  Prior to Tanner's fame, Kim was a highly respected real estate appraiser that specialized in expert witness testimony for property valuation.  This career enabled her to spend the majority of her time working from home so that she could be available to her kids.  It also provided the backdrop to the videos for Tanner's channel which has always been family / friend oriented.  When it became obvious that Tanner was skyrocketing in popularity, Kim put her professional life on hold to make sure that Tanner and his siblings stayed on a positive path.  This has led to this 4-pack working together to support Tanner and doing everything possible to stay close as a family.


Birthday:  May 30th
YouTube:  Tristan Braungardt
Twitter:  @Trisbraungardt
Instagram:  @tristanbraungardt
SnapChat:  Tristan_530
Facebook:  Tristan Braungardt

Bio:  Tristan is a highly charismatic individual who isn't afraid to be himself.  Having grown up in a conservative part of the world, Tristan was often bullied and feared telling his friends & family that he is gay.  Once he crossed that bridge, he has never looked back.  Tristan did a considerable amount of stage acting throughout high school and hopes to pursue a career in acting.  He is also super talented in terms of make-up application and is increasingly knowledgeable on the topic.  His YouTube channel features various types of videos that are always entertaining and sure to make you smile. 


Birthday:  November 6th
YouTube:  Taylor Braungardt
Twitter:  @Taybraungardt
Instagram:  @taylorbraungardt
SnapChat:  tayj03

Bio:  Taylor is a super smart and funny girl that isn't afraid to challenge her two brothers.  She's a very goal oriented person and a natural perfectionist.  If you ever try to argue with her, you had better have your facts straight or you will lose.  Taylor spent her younger years being a cheerleader and is just now considering a broader career in social media.  To her credit, she has taken her time in deciding if that was the right decision for her as she as a more reserved and private person by nature than her brothers.  I think we can all agree that we can't wait to see Taylor spend more time in front of the camera both on her brothers' channels and her own!

Rose & Luna

Birthday:  July 16th & February 15th
Bio: Woof Woof